Monday, May 3, 2010

Sale on eCrater!!!!

Well, the pictures are not on a model, but I was able to get some done yesterday, edited and put on the eCrater site! Starting off the sale are $10 peasant dresses and a few Aline dresses.

Here is the section in the shop:
I decided to call my Clearance Sale items Off the Rack, because I am hoping to get them OFF the Rack, lol.

I know that I have 2 nap mats ready made (no personalization) that I will be adding to the sale later in the week as well a several totes and purses.

Gotta move all this inventory so that I have room to make more stuff! Well, that's all the time that I have now. Gotta fussy toddler waking up in my arms... Something about a bum that hurt? Least that's what I can hear between the screams as he wakes up. Diaper has been changed :)

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