Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Liquidation Sale

I am trying to move as much stuff out of my Etsy shop as possible. Most of this stuff is priced way below what I would normally sell it for in hopes that someone will take pity on me and buy.

I am not sure what all I will carry when I start taking custom orders again, or if I will even do customs anymore. All I know is that something has got to give.
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If you have a blog and pass this great sale on to your readers, it is greatly appreciated. And if you let me know, I will send you a little thank you gift!

If you have ever owned a Stitch'N Love Boutique item, please leave me some love on this post and let me know. Sometimes getting a blog comment, or an "I love your work" can really pick up the mood. May has never been a "good" month for me. When I taught, it was the month that everything came due and tension at work was always high.

Hope you see something that you like, or you pass this great sale on to others so that they can benefit.

Love to all my readers!

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