Thursday, April 29, 2010

I got a new Camera...

... and I am in love! It's the first SLR that I have ever owned. I am being a good girl and it only comes out of the case when it's being used and goes right around my neck! lol I took it out yesterday and took some photos for the website. Today? I took it out to shoot some nature shots around the property that is my house and my parents. Got some interesting shots to be honest. Felt good to go outside and really look for interesting stuff. Like it was when I was in high school! lol

Been keeping busy with craft shows here lately. Saturday will be my third one this month. Working tonight on finishing a bow to compliment an outfit that had to be made in a bigger size from last weekend's show. Have a camera/camcorder bag drawn up and ready to be made if I can ever stop being so tired. Teen daughter has had dance practice at the high school every night this week. That means taking a trip to pick her up at 9 pm three nights in a row :) She has a performance tomorrow night and Saturday. More late nights for me.

Anyway, I have chosen a few of my favorite pictures from this afternoon. Hugs! Christie

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kangacoo designs said...

Nice pics!!! I am still figuring out my camera from a year ago and lighting is tricky for me. Any tips?