Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A few things listed...

on ebay! I am in the middle of two launches with two of the groups that I am a part of so please feel free to go look at the auctions and tell your friends about them too if you feel like they are worth it.

This is a feliz dress that I created for a wonderful challenge on a yahoo group that I am on. I used it for a few Etsy challenges too since it fit, so you can also check it out on there. I will be asking for help in those voting challenges in a bit! It has eight different pieces of embroidery, that's why the price is high. It took me over 9 hours to just do the embroidery! But, I have to say, it's just precious. I used a charm pack for the applique and a jelly roll for the ruffles! Well, not the whole charm pack and jelly roll, but if I get to recreate this, it will come from the the other pieces of those! I even like the plaid for the peasant top and ruffles of the dress. Now to make a petticoat to go underneath this thing and it will be "da bomb"!

This is a Sew Sensible scoop neck top, well a funny variation, actually! The Bowtique Playground group is having a "Snow People" launch. I wanted to do something a little different and this shirt came to be. Only when I went to cut out the sleeves, I cut them out UPSIDE DOWN! Well, I only had enough of this material to make another set of sleeves, so I used the already cut out sleeves as the skirt of the shirt! How "ingenious" is that? lol I think the outfit looks adorable! The pants are made from pale blue chenille too!

Well, off to work some more! I hope to have the office cleaned up soon so that everyone can see where I work and what inspires me! The playroom has to share my work space now as I can no longer be contained in just one room! lol

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Devon said...

I LOVE the snowman shirt!! Man, you're really getting around! (LOL, that sounds bad...)