Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Ever Changing Sewing Ideas

You know what, time flies when you are having fun, or even when your not having fun!

It's hard to believe that it's already December 2009. It was back in March 2008, that DH and I decided to embark on a business. And boy has it evolved! We started out with my grandma offering to buy a long arm quilting table so that I could learn how to long arm quilt (for her) to make a little extra money. While waiting on that to get here and because our minds just went haywire over everything, we bought an embroidery machine. Figured that I could do some embroidery on the side too when the quilting wasn't paying out.

Good enough, right?

Well, quilting takes a lot of time. Time to cut the pieces out, time to sew them all together. Then there is the actual QUILTING: sandwiching the three pieces together! That takes the longest. Well, it took a few months for the table to get here and by that time, my thoughts were not on sitting on a chair, or standing, and trying to figure out how to quilt those pieces together.

Plus, I can be a bit of a perfectionist. lol Hard to believe, I know.

Well, the quilting thing didn't work out. We had to put the table in my grandma's "room" that my Dad built for her next to his shed and taking two toddlers in there was out of the question! I spent more time keeping them out of trouble then I did working.

So, I had to find something that I could stay in the house and do....

Started out making purses.... Sold two on eBay! Then I found Etsy. By then, I was also making all in one nap mats. Then I got hooked on ribbons and started on hairbows. Got hooked.

By October, I was looking into children's clothing. All the while, I am going back and forth, doing everything that I have learned how to do: baby items, hairbows and headbands, children's clothing, nap mats, purses......

Last spring, I decided to look into pet items: vests and sleep mats.

More purses and even diaper bags. Crayon Wallets, children's tepees, the list goes on and on!

I see myself as a sewing Jane of all trades......

Now, I am thinking that maybe I need to add something else to my list......

Doll clothes! I have patterns for dolls that go with some outfits that I make already and I found some patterns for some newborn dolls. Thinking that I can make doll outfits to match girl outfits. And even just make doll outfits! I think that they will be a good addition to my craft shows and may even sell online pretty well too. I am not really sure, but I am ready to find out.

So, be on the lookout for sneak peaks and my upcoming shop on Etsy: Stitch'N Love Doll Boutique! I got reserved, but not a seller yet! lol

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