Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Help Us To Help Dakin!

I am sure that you have seen the widget on the side of my blog before, it's a little guy that I was blessed to have met his mom on a birth board back in 2007. He's just a few weeks younger than my youngest child and when Dakin was just three months old, he almost died. While he doesn't have SMA, he has a variation of it called SMARD, all research for SMA WILL benefit him and other children like him.

I was fortunate enough to make a cute Superman costume for him to wear on HIS first birthday and he just celebrated his second one, but he is one of the "lucky" ones. Many children with this "rare" disease don't even make it to their first birthday.

Please take a moment and sign the petition for Dakin and all of his SMA friends. As far as I am concerned, it could be my son with the disease.

Thank you for signing today!

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Devon said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? You are amazing. Thank you so much for posting this. We are SO close to getting this passed!!

Hey, I still want a monster pillow. Should I order from the etsy site or you directly?