Saturday, July 18, 2009

Motivation comes and goes

For that past 9 days, there has been a festival, here in town, that my family has been a part of for over 20 years. Hard to believe it's been that long since my dad starting helping out down there, but it's true. Well, the festival has been going on for 54 years or so, and the family has always gone......

At any rate, there have been things that we have been doing in the festival and it has taken away some of my motivation to get anything else done.

Here is a picture of my cheetah this morning waiting for the parade to start. We sat in front of a local bank and he took advantage of the empty porch! He loved walking through this little hole and being on the outside of the porch. Granted, it was not very high, hence the reason that he was allowed to do it. The kids came away with a few beach balls, candy and such from the parade. Cheetah here fell asleep while we perused the craft market and had some lunch.

The festival isn't the only thing taking away motivation. I recently put my hat back into the public school system ring. I am just waiting to hear if everything went through and if I will be able to get an interview at least. The person in charge of recruitment was on vacation this week. Or just out of the office. I am not totally sure that I want to go back to teaching (ie leaving my kids with someone else) but it would be more money in the bank.

Even if I do get to go back to teaching, I am not planning on closing the online boutiques! In fact, I have some plans for them. Spreading my wings, so to say. Here is one thing that I plan on doing.....

Instead of a full nap mat, I am also going to make nap mat covers! The pillow is not attached, but it's bigger and VERY full. The blanket is attached. This was the first one that I made. I actually had planned to make this a nap mat, but decided to try something else. It doesn't look like I will get to sell this one. Chipmunk has gotten a hold of it and will not let it get too far away from her. She actually climbed up on the dinning room table and fell asleep on this the first day it was made! Did not get a picture of that though, but caught her watching Nogin!

I hope to have answers soon about where everything is going. It also doesn't help that last week, my embroidery machine crashed while it was getting an update from the company. I have emailed and called a busy number, but no one will answer. I hope that something can be done soon, or I will be writing a blog post about the company.

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