Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So What Does it Take to Make It?

There is nothing like a good ol' meltdown to set your heart and brain in motion is there? Well, Sunday afternoon, I did just that. You know that meltdown inside that has to happen when life is throwing stuff at you from every direction and you just can't figure out what end is up and how to get yourself outta the funk?

Here is what I learned:
1. Quit trying to make everyone else happy and make yourself happy. At the end of the day when you put your head on your pillow, you are it. Sure, some have a husband sleeping next to them, I do too, but sometimes even he falls asleep before me.... What am I saying, he is usually fast asleep by the time I get to bed! lol
2. Worry just makes you sick. What I mean is worrying about EVERY little thing will just make you sick. A little worried is okay, but when you worry all the time about everything, you lose touch with the things that matter.
3. You will never get everything "right". I learned this one from my mom. When my older two were little and I was in college, she told me that I should quit college while the kids were little and stay home with them. Now I have little ones again and have been blessed to be a SAHM, and guess what? She's telling my that I am doing a disservice to my kids because they have no social interaction being home all the time! See, never doing it "right". But you want to know something. I did it right for me both times. Ten years ago, it was the right thing to finish my teaching degree and now it's the right thing to stay home while I can.
4. I HAVE to have an outlet. A creative outlet. That's what I loved about teaching little ones. I got to be creative. THAT is what I missed about teaching. And so I am taking that creative side of me and I am going to see where else it will lead me. I love sewing and making haribows and all the other stuff that is crammed into my sweatshop.

So now I am on a fact finding mission... What does it take to make it in the handmade, designer world? How have the major popular people done it? It can't be dumb-luck? (I've been lucky before) Lots of money? (if it is, I am in major trouble) Desire and ambition? (I got that!) Determination? (Got that too) Oh yeah, talent! ( I've been told that I have that.) Self-confidence (well, that one comes and goes)

What do you think it takes? If you are successful in the "biz" what do you think it took? Help a girl out! lol


Sarah said...

Love the new look.
I think it takes self promotion, one of those tough things to do. I'm working on a business plan right now and a time line for the next couple of years around here.
I'm working on a bi-monthly e-newsletter to let people know of upcoming sales, shows, etc. I plug my shop on facebook everytime I add items too. It is tough. Tougher than it should be, that's for sure!

Rocksee said...

Sometimes you just have to let it all go.. This is a great post, I've had alot of reflecting like this this week. That's what I like to call meltdowns.. "reflecting"