Friday, March 6, 2009

America's Handmade Homefront on Hyena Cart!

Last month, I was approached to join a Congo on Hyena Cart - America's Handmade Homefront. It's a group of several women who are married into the miltary and we "run" a shop together, so to speak. Well, March 1st was my launch date! I have a whopping total 5 items in the store at the moment. lol I am going to add some more on the 15th though. Like my nap mats! I TOTALLY forgot to add those in there Saturday. With everything that has happened in the last two weeks, I was a bit frazzled to be honest. I am going to post a little about all that in a bit... Great drama! lol

Anyway, we have a blog to go along with the store and today was my turn to be featured!!!!!

Go check it out. See how cheesy I am answering Q and A's. Hey, I was me! And if you personally know me, you will see me in the responses.....

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