Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ever need Finger Savers When You Eat Ice Pops?

Well, I know that my kids do!

Ana and Zack have been eating like 6 a day or more here lately and it's not even summer yet! We had been using paper towels to protect their little fingers from the frigid cold, but that was getting a little costly, not to mention the amount of paper trash that was collecting!

I had some scrap fleece in the house and remembered something that an internet friend had posted: a holder for ice pops! Well, I decided to make some for the kids! Voila! Finger Savers was born!

Go check them out in the Etsy store! I think that they are not only great for at home, but I wish that I had them when I was teaching kindergarten! I offer a slight discount with a purchase of 20 or more!

They are kid-tested and this mother approves!


Devon said...

That, Christie, is an amazing idea. We could totally use some of these! I'm buying some come summer!!!!

Jenny said...

Hey, thank you so much for entering the giveaway and following our blog:) I absolutely love your Beatles quillow!!!! I hearted you in Etsy, your stuff is great;) Thanks again