Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ana made Sew Sensible's Blog!!!!

So, I am venturing into children's clothing, so of course, my kids are the first to get sets, right? Well, Amiee' at Sew SEnsible has a blog and I am following it. Tonight I see that she is testing out new patterns (I am excited about this because I LOVE her patterns!) and it got me to thinking about my outfit that I made. She stated in her email when I recieved the pattern that she loved to see what was made with the patterns, so that's what I did! A few hours later, I got an email asking if she could post it on the blog, which I said yes and voila!

My baby is on the internet and not in mommy's shop, profiles or blogs!

I am excited!!!!!

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Angie Lynn said...

ADORABLE! You are so talented! I can't sew a stitch!